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Our Fairytale

We Are A Husband-Wife Team Inspired by Fairytale Romance.

We believe wholeheartedly in a forever fairytale romance and we hope our jewelry collection cultivates that passion. To this end, we curate pieces that are thoughtfully made with elements of design that not only attract the eyes, but hold the heart as well. We personally test our finds for quality and we keep only the best. 

May we take a moment to introduce ourselves?

  • Caroline (Wife): Shopkeeper & Photographer (Brains behind the Brawn)
  • James (Husband): Business Manager
  • Jeanne (Employee): Shop Assistant
  • Anne (Daughter): Occasional Model
  • Becky (Daughter): Occasional Model

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns, don't be a stranger. We'd love to hear from you. Just shoot us an email.

Fairies Princesses Shop Here (& that would include you)

Your choice in jewelry is a reflection of you. What you find inspiring, what you love, what you want to carry with you. Like the woodland fairy, you appreciate the charm of the natural world around you and so you wish to carry a bit of it with you where ever you go. We know the feeling.

Thank you for wandering into our part of the woods; we hope your stay here will be enchanting.