Do You Love Natural Elements with A Bit of Polished Princess Bling?

You may notice the jewelry here is often raw and natural, bits and pieces from the ocean and the forest to put in your pocket, or around your neck. Stuff the common fairy folk find to wear.

But fairy royalty must be shiny. So you will find plenty of bling here as well, stones polished with a magical sparkle fit for a princess.

Do You Love The Green Woodland & A Golden Sunset?

And you may notice a commitment to the colors green & gold. Green is the color of the woodland fairy & gold is the color of the sunset, a dazzling daily event that is never a dull experience for the nature lover.

Our pieces are often nature-inspired and we think green and gold best reflect that.

Fairies Princesses Shop Here (& that would include you)

Your choice in jewelry is a reflection of your personality. What you find beautiful, what you love, what you want to carry with you. Have you ever gone for a walk in the woods, found a lovely little acorn at your feet and put it in your pocket? Like the woodland fairy, you appreciate the incredible beauty of the natural world around you and so you wish to carry a bit of it with you where ever you go.

Thank you for wandering into our part of the woods; we hope your stay here will be enchanting.